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Nature has been created for many good reasons. We are one of them.

For 50 long years, our family has been producing numerous homeopathic and naturopathic cures in a small sleepy town situated in the middle of south east asia. Our little apothecary has humble roots of being a family-owned alternative medicine practice, using only the best nature has to offer. It has always been our belief to help others by providing the best of cures in the most natural and holistic manner. We are now redefining that by being at the forefront of proven effective and natural healing by offering a plethora of healing products that has always served the betterment of our community. We are now offering to share with the world the secrets of healing with nature.



Our Philosophy

The most important and discerning fact of the company is that all ingredients used are 100% natural and free from any and all chemicals and harmful by-products. Formulated exclusively for optimal healing abilities, most of our products consist of no more than 3-5 natural oils or herbal extracts. Furthermore, it is our passion and belief in natural healing that spurs us on to create, produce and provide the best natural healing products. There is a saying in our part of the world that we "only provide the best of cures for our people or die trying". So there is no question or doubt that coupled with our strong belief of helping others, we will only provide the best of the best healing products.

Our Products

We live in such an overly industrialized world that the products we buy are often filled with various unpronounceable chemical based ingredients detrimental to our health. Nommara offers only natural oils with herbal extracts exclusively formulated to complement our own natural healing abilities. Our extensive research and expertise has helped us create the most natural of products that contains no harmful chemicals, by-products or fillers. We have truly made remedy in a bottle easy for one and all.




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